About us

Unity schools are a great tool for Nations building. This fact should be obvious because the key objective for setting up the Unity Schools by the Gowon administration was to ensure national integration of the post war generation of Nigerians. Every Unity School was well funded, equipped and had students from all parts of the country. In addition, there were no tuition fees and travel to & fro school was paid for by the Federal Government. From sixties to seventies session, classes were held in temporary classroom blocks built on the college sites. 
Federal Government College is a co-educational day and boarding, basic and post basic institution owned by the Federal Ministry of Education. The College over the years has been in the forefront of academic excellence within the geographical region and across Nigeria as a whole. An outstanding performance in various Educational, Social and Sporting activities cannot be farfetched. This is as a result of an enabling learning and sporting environment existing in the school, with the existence of modern features such as; a Standard library, School media/ICT laboratory, Multipurpose hall, Tuck shops, Standard Football pitch, Badminton, Volley ball court, and Lawn tennis facility. A good and secured housing plan in form of dormitories/hostels is in place to accommodate the boarding students, under the supervision of caring and experienced house masters and mistresses. 

Our History is therefore incomplete without our past Principals and vice principals of the school up to date. Making our graduates continually being distinguished through the benchmark they make in different sectors and strata of the economy within and outside the country; including careers in business, engineering, law, medicine, arts, and the media. 

Our Facilities

Administrative  building
Biology  Laboratory
Chemistry  Laboratory
Physics  Laboratory
Computer  Laboratory
School e-laboratory
Male and  Female Hostel, Dining Hall, Assembly Hall
Health  Center
Green Area
Parking  lot
Football  pitch, Volleyball court, Lawn Tennis court etc.

Our Departments

Mathematics And Sciences

  This Dept. offers eight 8 subjects which are mathematics, physics chemistry, biology, agricultural science, Health Science, Physical and Health Sciences and I.C.T/computer studies. 

Trade And Technology

This is a department born-out of new initiative under  the new educational curriculum.\

Senior Secondary School (SSS1 – SSS3) subjects:
  1. Technical drawing
  2. Metal  Work
  3. Visual  Art
  4. Music
  5. Food and Nutrition
  6. Clothing  and Textile
  7. Home  management
Basic School (JSS1 – JSS3) subjects:
  1. Basic  Technology
  2. Technical  Drawing
  3. Cultural  and Creative Art (which includes Fine Art and Music)
  4. Home  economics
Trade Subjects (Entrepreneurship, SSS1-SSS3)
  1. Bleaching/  Tie and Dye
  2. Block  laying and Concreting
  3. Garment  making
  4. Craft and  catering services.


The department of humanities (formerly known as Arts and Social sciences) was severed from the then vocational department in 2009. This was done to make the general administration easy

This department deals with both Arts and social science subjects. The art subjects include; Christian Religious Knowledge, Islamic Studies, and History, while the Social Science subjects are; Geography, Economics, Government, Civic Education and Social Studies.


The subjects  under this departments includes :

  1. Indigenous  Languages; Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba
  2. Foreign  Languages; Arabic, French

Our Curriculum

Subjects offered under WASSCE and NECO SSCE  is:

  1. English  Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Biology
  4. Economics
  5. Yoruba
  6. Chemistry
  7. Physics
  8. Geography
  9. Further  Mathematics
  10. Technical  Drawing
  11. Food and  Nutrition
  12. Agricultural  Science
  13. Visual Art
  14. Commerce
  15. Financial  Accounting
  16. Christian  Religious Knowledge
  17. Islamic  Religious Knowledge
  18. Literature in  English
  19. Civic Education
  20. ICT
  21. Government

Extra Curriculum Activites

  1. Speech and  prize giving day
  2. Recreational  activities
  3. Literary  and art
  4. Debating  competition
  5. Quiz  competition
  6. Inter-house  sports
  7. Tie and dye
  8. Excursions



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